Anti-social Behaviour 

Drumchapel Housing Co-operative is committed to helping tenants to maintain the quiet enjoyment of their homes and will not tolerate any level of neighbour nuisance or form of anti social behaviour which affects its tenants. 

The Co-operative encourages all residents to resolve disputes by mutual agreement before involving the Co-operative. A structured approach and use of incremental sanctions will be used once all reports of anti-social behaviour/neighbour disputes have been investigated by the Housing Officer. Where problems exist and there is no clear criminal justice solution, the Co-operative will take appropriate enforcement action under its Tenancy Agreement. 

A partnership approach will be employed with external agencies such as Police Scotland, Glasgow City Council and other social landlords in efforts to co-ordinate positive methods of resolving disputes. 

At all times confidentiality and sensitivity will be afforded to tenants. If anyone wishes to discuss an issue face-to-face, then they should contact the office to arrange an appointment with a Housing Officer.

Tenants must telephone the police at the time of the incident, recording the time and date, to enable the Co-operative to seek a Police Report. This information is helpful when dealing with complaints and can make a huge difference in resolving conflicts between tenants.