Tenant Responsiblities

All tenants are responsible for taking reasonable care of the property.  This responsibility includes carrying out minor repairs and internal decoration.  It also includes keeping the house in a reasonable state of cleanliness.  Tenants must report repairs, any damage to the property or common parts as soon as reasonably possible.   All tenants have a right to have certain repairs carried out within fixed time limits.

All repair responsibilities can be found in in the Tenant Handbook however this is currently under review.  If you would like any advice or would like to discuss a repair, please contact the office.

Landlord Responsibilities

The Co-operative will carry out repairs or other work necessary to ensure the property is wind and watertight and, in all other respects, reasonably fit for human habitation.  This includes works to plumbing, heating systems, electrics and exterior maintenance including guttering, downpipes, brick and render work.  We will also carry out repairs relating to water penetration, rising dampness and condensation dampness.

Repair Timescales

The Co-operative operates a priority system for repairs. This means that the more urgent a repair, the quicker it will be attended to.  The following is an example of the timescales and priority for different repair types however the list is not exhaustive - 

Repair Category Definition Completion Time
Emergency Gas leaks, loss of electrical power, burst pipes, blocked WC, no heating or hot water, fire damage, re-securing property due to vandalism or break-in etc. Attend within 4 hours
Urgent Electrical faults,  constant running overflow, WC not flushing, faulty locks etc. Complete within 2 working days
Routine Controlled entry door repairs (including locks), plaster/decorative, TV aerials, close wall tiles, extractor fan issues etc. Complete within 5 working days

Right to Repair

In addition to the above categories of repair the Co-operative operates a right to repair scheme as part of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. This specifies the time it should take to carry out certain categories of repair.  It also entitles the tenant to have the repair carried out by another specified contractor and compensation for the delay in undertaking the repair if our contractor does not respond in time.  

More information can be found on the Scottish Government's website here.