Joining the Management Board

This is your Co-operative, your community and is run by YOU the is important that we have tenants to make decisions on how we manage your Co-operative.  This includes provision of services such as close cleaning, garden maintenance, rent increase levels, employing staff, allocating houses, improving services, making financial decisions by agreeing budgets.....and much more!

It is important that you are the ones involved in making these decisions and having satisfaction that up have made a difference in how we run your Co-operative.

Being part of the Board also widens your social network, provides training, increases your skills and knowledge in various areas and helps when seeking employment or just wanting to be part of something that makes a difference.

We are asking so little of your time, a maximum of 2.5 hours a month to attend a meeting and discuss and agree on these important issues.  Without volunteers, then control of your Co-operative could be at risk!

Drumchapel Housing Co-operative Limited is run by a Voluntary Management Board.  Please find important documents below and an application to join the Management Board.